SAYeTECH is a Ghanaian Agri-tech startup that works to bring African Agricultural Innovations into the commercial arena and has the mission to create jobs, reduce poverty and achieve zero hunger in Africa by enabling local Agri-machinery manufacturing to increase production, reduce loses and to facilitate seconding processing. Their Multi-crop thresher mechanically separates grains from plant upon harvesting, saving farmer from post-harvest loss up to 25%. 

Products of the company include; Multi-Crop Thresher, Mobile Hammer Mill for Poultry Feed Processing, Poultry Feed Production Assembly Line, Variable Nozzle Clay Extruder, Hybrid Grain Dryer, Cocoa Pod Splitter, Coconut Dehusker, Grain Processor on Wheels (Solar powered) etc. SAYeTECH company has been providing AgriCAD Africa service to the Soybean Innovation Lab; a feed the future Project funded by the USAID. SAYeTECH’s product has been used to train over fifty-five local fabricators in Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania. The multi-crop threshers for example has been used by over 41,000 farmers, leading to increased crop production by up to 400%, reduced post-harvest loss in grain by up to 25%, liberated over 200,000 women and school children from hard labour in Agriculture, etc.

SAYeTECH Company Limited has been working in Partnership with SIL and collaborated with Catholic Relieve Services, Tamale Implements Factory, the Government of Uganda, Nakawa Vocational training Institutions (Uganda), Bountifield International USA, C to C Engineering ( Malawi), Department of Social Sciences (University of Missouri), Department of Agriculture (University of Illinois), Department of Agricultural Engineering (KNUST)  and has participated in several local fabrication trainings in Ghana , Malawi, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania. SAYeTECH Company Limited attained the honorary finalist award from Autodesk ‘Design Next Africa’ competition 2018.

SAYeTECH has won over seven (7) awards which includes four international awards from SIL (Soybean Innovations Lab), GIZ (Green entrepreneurship award), WAZI App IOT award sponsored by EU, Kosmos Innovation Centre (Agritech challenge) won by the CEO. In addition to this, the CEO also won first prize for the Engineering student design competition’16, and the Most Innovative Student of the year award (2016/17) while in KNUST Engineering School.

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