Friends of the Nation (FoN)

Friends of the Nation (FoN) is a registered socio-environmental advocacy not-for- Profit NGO, established in 1993 in Ghana and has the mission to catalyse increased action on sustainable natural resource governance and healthy environment through knowledge transfer, training, research, networking and Community mobilization, livelihood and enterprises interventions, Communication, Policy Advocacy, etc. FoN has over 25 years of successful experience working with forest buffer communities, farmer groups and stakeholders to achieve sustainable farming and forestry resources management including establishment and operationalization of community enterprises in selected forest areas in Ghana.

 FoN is also actively working in the Agriculture, forest conservation, fisheries sector, etc with captured fisheries and fish farmers. FoN has been working with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR) and has received funding from the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF) of the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) for implementation of the Engaging Local Communities in REDD+/Enhancing Carbon Stocks (ELCIR+) Action. With the aim to reduce emission from deforestation and forest degradation. This provides rich experience for enhanced. FoN has helped to establish and facilitated functional Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues in forestry, fisheries and many other natural resources that has and is contributing to effective governance in the various sectors.

FoN has twenty-two (22) permanent Staff and over Hundred (100) volunteers and community focal representatives with competence and skills for rapid community mobilization and animation of Farmer groups, community leaders and stakeholders including landowners, opinion leaders, youth, women, etc. FoN has used the technology of participation to promote the adoption of new ideas/technologies for improvement in livelihoods of many beneficiaries in Ghana. FoN works in over 100 districts in Ghana and has conducted several collaborative research and Project implementation with many research institutions and partners over the 25years of successful work experience in Forestry, Agriculture, fisheries, Small Scale Mining, Community Development, human rights, etc.