Tropenbos Ghana

Tropenbos Ghana (TBG) is a member of the Tropenbos International Network and a nationally registered non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation established in 2001 mainly in response to challenges related to the forest landscape of Ghana.

TBG targets forest-dependent communities in the forest zone of Ghana with a special emphasis on governance for sustainable forest-dependent livelihoods. TBG focuses on developing alternatives to illegal logging, equity in forest benefit sharing and community rights and responsibilities in forest management. Recently, the organization has invested resources in restructuring and supporting community-based governance structures, including promoting climate-smart practices for sustainable rural livelihoods and forest landscapes.

 TBG is well recognised and connected within the national and international forest and cocoa agenda. The organisation has strong relationships with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (the sector ministry), the Forestry Commission (FC), Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD), timber industry and trade associations, cocoa producer associations, Licenced Buying Companies, research and academic institutions etc. TBG is held in high esteem and represents CSOs on several national platforms, through numerous projects. It has also established trusted working relationships with numerous communities, traditional authorities and landowners. For several years, TBG has being operating in Juabeso, Sefwi Wiawso and Goaso Forest Districts which are Hotspot Intervention Areas.

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