ReDIAL Capacity Building Component

Under the capacity building component, ReDIAL is contributing to knowledge and capacity strengthening of about 1000 youth with the aim of developing their knowledge and capacity on the use of the FarmSense and Multi-Crop Thresher technologies in agriculture. The targeted youth will be trained through workshops and field demonstrations.

Under this component, the project is mobilising and conducting extensive skills and knowledge transfer for the targeted youth to use the FarmSense and Multi-Crop Thresher technologies. The Project is training them to acquire marketable skills on the technologies. The successfully trained youth will be provided with operational and maintenance manuals for the FarmSense and Multi-Crop Thresher technologies. The Project is also supporting the trainees to form network of service providers and that will be linked up with farmers.

This activity will be implemented through the following specific tasks:

1. Develop training curriculum and materials (manuals, handouts) on FarmSense and Multi-Crop thresher technologies. The materials will include video and audio in English and local languages to user friendly and easy appreciation by the target youth including those with low literacy.

2. Organize Capacity building and skills transfer programmes for youth and unemployed graduates in the use of the FarmSense and Solar Powered Multi-Crop Thresher technologies.

3. Provide training for Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) including local artisans and training on the production of the solar powered multi-crop Threshers. This will introduce new business opportunity for such groups.

4. Develop linkages and network with financial institutions and other funding support systems to access sustainable financial support for nationwide replication of innovative technologies.